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Hello world!

How did we get here? The story is simple: I went to watch my girlfriend and her two sisters run the Ealing Half-Marathon some time ago and couldn’t believe nothing was on offer to help the runners pace their race. In this case, it was their first Half-Marathon, and they were all nervous before the start about pacing their race and reaching the targets they had set for themselves. With months of preparation behind them it seemed crazy they couldn’t make a tiny bit of extra preparation before race day and invest in a simple pacing tool which would have at the least taken away one worry as they prepared to run their furthest distance yet.

I started Raceband Ltd, the parent of to provide a convenient and economical solution to the problem. It has been a huge learning curve but I’m proud of what has been achieved in a short space of time and hope that I can help you prepare yourselves better for the events that mean so much to you, and help you achieve the goals you set.

These days I run far less frequently than I’d like, but as a reasonably quick and obsessively prepared runner in the past, I know the value of accurate pacing during racing. The solution doesn’t need to be high-tech: a simple, durable Paceband and a basic running watch are all you need.

As a Startup business I know there will always be ways to improve our product or the way we work with our customers. If you have any suggestions or would like to work with us on a special project, please get in touch with me directly by emailing . We have big plans for the future, so if you’re a fan of what we’re doing, please take a moment to share our website or social media with your friends: spread the word!