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Getting Back My Running Motivation!

Time for an Autumn update from the team here at It’s fair to say that I lost my “running mojo” in a big way this year. Work commitments and a niggling injury left me feeling demotivated and unfit. After about a thousand sighs, and plenty of complaining, I finally decided to put a plan into place to set things right. I’m going to find my running motivation again, and here’s how I plan to do it:

Step 1: Enter a race, buy some new shoes. Sometimes you need a new piece of kit and a race booked up and paid for in the diary to make you feel like now is the time for action. All procrastination must end. My road running shoes were looking awful so I went out and bought some Brooks Adrenaline GTS17 shoes, and entered the Fitstuff G3 Series 10K on 3rd February 2018. If you need a challenge and want to run with me, just send an email to and anyone who joins me on the day is welcome to a free Paceband.

Step 2: Check out the blogs. Being injured and unfit can make you feel isolated, but as runners we are all be part of a huge club. Reminding yourself of shared experiences and being a part of other runners lives can give a welcome boost to spirits and checking out some blogs is a great way to feel a part of things again. Running motivation can be infectious, here are a couple of my favourite blogs: : If shiny new tech and kit is your thing. : For a down to earth look at racing and training, and some epic rants/raves!

Step 3: Get fixed! My injury has probably been the biggest knock to my confidence and running motivation. More than that, it has scared me off a return to running competitively. It’s time to put in place a well thought out plan to improve my current injury problems, and make sure that I have done everything necessary to stop them from recurring. To that end I went ahead and booked myself in for a 3D gait analysis with Stride UK in Hove. The level of technical service they provide is second to none, and they have a full team of specialists on hand to help with the road to recovery. I will have a specific blog post on my experiences with them, but in the meantime, check out:

3D Gait Analysis to help get back my running motivation



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Step 4: You’ve got to start somewhere! I need to get running, and I really want to do it with other people. I’m going to get myself down to the local Parkrun, and enter some smaller 5K events to use as training for my 10K. With this in mind, I’ve reduced the cost of our 5K Pacebands to £0.99p, which should make them a little more accessible for those running 5K’s regularly.

5K Pacebands for Parkrun glory to rekindle running motivation









So, there you have it, my 4 stage plan to get back my running mojo. Stay with us into the winter on Facebook and here on the Blog: I will try my best to keep you updated and aware of anything which really helps me. If you want to stay in touch, please also follow us on Twitter:






Good luck and happy running to everyone!